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01-04-2010, 06:17 PM
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Rhodes i have accepted the fact we aren't making the playoffs next year when/if we lose Kovy. I also accepted the fact that we aren't making them the year after or the year after that. You need to accept that. I accept it but i am not fine with it. I have accepted the fact we won't make it this season because of the horrible coaching.

With what i've seen on paper and how this team can play, they are the best Thrashers team ever and a top team this season.......We're suppose to make the playoffs this season though. We're suppose to be a top team this season though. We're suppose to contend this season though. It's not happening. It's suppose to though. Anderson needs to be fired and that's most important right now more important than Kovalchuk situation IMO. We have everything we need to make the playoffs this season and contend. Even Kovy knew it before the season started, he was happy with what we got. Why is it not working? We were 7 games over .500 before this 8 game losing streak. We should easily be 12-15 games over .500 this season. But we're not. A change must be made and i'm not talking about players. With any kind of defensive system (and some other things), i guarentee you this thread would not have been made and we would not be talking about next season. If your allowing 4+ goals a game you aren't ever ever ever ever going to win consistently. Ever. It's impossible. It's that simple. This team needs to be a defensive team or atleast add the slightest element of it in the game.

We can sign Kubina i don't see why not.. and Afinogenov.

I don't think we need Bernier or any other goalie in this league. We have Lehtonen and i know that I Myself believes he will be this teams #1 for years. I also believe we need to trade Pavelec before his value goes away and we get absolutely nothing for him.

And right now it doesn't matter if we have Brodeur unless he's prepared to make 50 saves a game every night and prepared to face 10 odd man rushes a game and 5 breakaways a game.

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