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01-05-2010, 07:13 AM
Mike Farkas
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It's a relief to know that Stan Fischler was always nuts and not just a senile old fool that has no grasp of what's going on in today's game...he still gets asked questions in the NY market about certain teams and always gives the most ridiculous answer possible...

He used to (maybe he still does?) pick a player to "watch out for" on the opposing team for the night so he can sound knowledgeable...but in actuality, he just dropped his pen on the roster sheet and whoever it landed on he said...well during one matinee between the Devils and Capitals about 2 or 3 years ago, this little exchange happened...

Stan: ...the Devils need to fear Fehr (referring to Eric Fehr, but he pronounced it "fear") Doc and Chico, take it away...

Doc: "Fear" is "Fehr" and he is a healthy scratch today... [normal opening] thank you so much for joining us, yada yada...

I couldn't stop laughing, I wish they could have cut back to Fischler for just one second after Doc said that...maybe I just didn't know him in his prime, but he's easily the most foolish person I've heard consistently talk about hockey on television...

Sorry to interrupt, resume your thread

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