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01-05-2010, 07:16 AM
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i know who Brad marchand is... i was just being an ass.. either way tho.. if bob mckenzie stated the rumored requirements were 2 high picks + 2 nhl ready prospects + 1 young roster player and the proposed bruins trade involved the picks + colbourne, marchand and lovecchio then who is the young roster player theyre giving up? because as far as i can see, those 3 players i mentioned have a whopping 12 games in their nhl careers, all by marchand and all this year , a year in which the bruins have been hit pretty hard by injuries to forwards (off the top of my head, savard, lucic and krejci have missed time plus they traded kobasew).. if the team is going to have to give up a young roster player for a guy like kovulchuk its going to "hurt" in some way, as good as those kids are/maybe, theyre dont 'hurt" the bruins, if i were to venture a guess as to who the young guy would be it'd be someone like wheeler, sobotka or krejci possibly (although i dont think they'd have to give up krejci personally nor would they) and before anyone says "but but but.. look at what they got for hossa" im aware of that trade and im aware of how much it cost then but they had a guy to sell then, his name is ilya kovulchuk, they werent trading the face of the team then, they are now... you have to sell the team to the fans somehow and if youre trading ilya you arent doing it for that, you have to have someone to sell.. the hawks are rumored to be willing to part with guys like barker and versteeg so they can kill 2 birds with one stone, alleviate cap pressure for next year and bolster their cup chances now but if they were to make a trade along those lines it'd still cost a bit more than just those 2 (pick(s) and maybe a prospect or two.. i doubt it'd cost say beach but maybe a guy like aliu or skille, etc)
for the habs i wouldnt be surprised to see the price tag include pk subban as the prospect (or someone else we dont want to see gone)...
are we a cup contender w/ ilya? i dont know. its hard to say really but its going to cost more than its probably worth in the long run heh

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