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01-05-2010, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Kebekoi View Post
I went with the following :
Koho wood stick 15$
6oz puck 2$
Easton 12" Gloves 50$
Bauer Supreme Skates 60$
Rolls of tape 6$

I took a size too small for my gloves, so I will exchange them for a 13" pair this afternoon. I wanted to go for a pair of shinguards, but I saw that the price was for one piece. Maybe I can find a pair in a used stuff store.
Good start. Gloves, stick, skates are bare minimum obviously if you're just looking to skate around and shoot some pucks. If you get into some games of shinny I think you'll find after one game that a pair of shin/knee pads will come in handy and maybe even some elbow pads too - I did this last winter and found out that while I could still skate, I was a bit awkward and fell a lot in the beginning when trying to make sharp turns and such.

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