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09-23-2003, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Oilfan
I guess my take on it all is that Comrie knew he'd be under the microscope from the beginning since he pretty much "replaced" Doug Weight and he comes from money. Comrie has excelled at every level. sure it sucks to be centered out but I don't think he's going to leave town with his tail between his legs because of it.

when Comrie came to camp he showed he wanted to be here. the fact that management sent him home is just more negotiating power for Lowe and co. the better Comrie does at camp just helps his own cause for a raise. teams use this tactic all the time. it's easier to prove your worth when your on the ice and he can't do that BECAUSE HE WAS LOCKED OUT. simple as that. Lowe has ALL the power. Comrie will be lucky to sign for 1 year at $2.5M

my question is why are so many fans pulling for him to be traded? (especially for players who don't even compare to his talent level)

Boyton? Hartnell? come on.
What you say is true, but why did Comrie want to come to camp?

Wouldn't it be to have a great camp and help his negotiating power because he knows that Lowe does have the leverage?

I am not pulling for him to be traded but I have a feeling that this is what will happen.

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