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09-23-2003, 03:58 PM
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I don't know that the dream of playing for the Oilers was ever a primary motivation for him to sign here in the first place. Things have been very business like in his career so far. His agent advised him leave school in order to become a free agent. This was used to squeeze every dime out of the Oilers. I think the Oilers were in a much worse position (emminent departure of Weight) than the other teams in the league and probably gave more to Comrie than I believe he may have gotten on the open market, or at worst, the Oilers gave what the big buck teams would have. In some respect money was needed to lure him to his so-called childhood dream. This indicates he wasn't hellbent on playing in Edmonton in the first place, and now is his chance to get out of town.

I have heard a lot about Comrie being harassed around town. I just don't see it. A friend of mine's sister did his dry-cleaning for months and never bothered him. I have seen him numerous times at the University and haven't seen any other than people leaving him to himself. I'm sure there are the occasional jack-***** that bother him and criticize his play, but that's the price you pay for playing a boys game in a town that loves the sport passionately. Being bothered may not be right, but it's a reality for most professional atheletes in major sports. You are a celebrity. Your ego gets massaged and bruised, you take the good with the bad and go home to your millions.

Bottom line. Comrie will be gone, it's a foregone conclusion. The team will move on, and Comrie will be a good player somewhere else.

I've heard Hemsky just bought a house in Lewis Estates. Hopefully, he's here to stay.

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