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01-06-2010, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobgoblin Steve View Post
nope, but if you own a premier jersey (non edge) take a look at the bottom of the jersey, by your left pant/jean/loincloth pocket and you'll see what he is talking about
No i have seen it, i meant i dont notice it there at all when i wear it or since i bought it.

I buy the replicas i think, the 120$ ones, but i get the "pro" stitch job for another 80$.

I dont buy sweaters too often, Leafs dont change up that much, i think i have 4 since the 80's. Once and a while i will get a throw back or a Canada or a Russia or i will get a sweater ( usually something i dont even want to own) from the gf or somebody (i got a pens Crosby sweater last year from my aunt, gave it to the salvation army).

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