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01-06-2010, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by jstreet View Post
Gripes Of The Night

1. Someone explain to me why Hornqvist isnt on the top line instead of Dumont

2. Someone explain to me what that 2nd PP unit was all about

3. SOmeone explain to me what Klein and Belak bring to the table

4. Someone explain to me why the guy in front of me has to lean forward all game and why the guy behind me cant shut up
1. He was later in the game... The lines looked like this:

sully - Arnie - Horn
Spaling - Leggy - Ward
Jones - Goc - JP
Thur - Sant - Belak

2. No clue... I wondered that myself.

3. Klein is by far the best skater on the team. He did a good job against Jokinen all night, IMO. Belak, not sure other than to stand at the blueline when in the offensive zone like a dman. He does have a physical edge and is our fighter. But he doesn't seem to be playing his role well -- again, IMO.

4. You sure that wasn't me? LoL. Jk
Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
Why is this team so afraid to shoot the puck? 'There's no one between me and the goalie?

My favorite part of the night though was Shea Freaking Weber nailing Phaneuf along the boards!
Ugh, you are not kidding. We had AT LEAST three 3-on-1's where we did not got a shot off at all. Heck, once we had a 4 on 2 and all we got was a 40-50 MPH weak wrist shot from the top of the faceoff circle right into Kipper's chest, and that was it.
Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
In Dumont's defense, he seemed like the only forward on that line that knew how to forecheck for most of the night. But I would readily swap Sullivan for Hornqvist on the top line.

I want our lines to look like this:

Mine are similarly close. With Sully not being great defensively, I am hesitant to pencil him in on the 2nd line:

Horn - Arnie - JP
Spal - Leggy - Ward
Sully - Goc - Jones
Thurs - Sant - Belak

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