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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Nope, in NJ. Bought a house in Haddonfield a couple years ago. It was Hartnell, Carter, and Upshall that were making waves for being in Olde City...but as noted below, I wouldn't be shocked if they weren't the only guys that live in the city, or this side of the river.

But are we talking 9am, or like 10-11am. Where you're running towards noon, and they can stay at the arena and start doing video studying, any training room needs they might have, etc. before the game.

I really don't see the problem with having the game day the location where the game is going to take place.

It's unclear who did, and I have no idea where all the various players live...I'm sure Hartnell and Carter are not the only guys that live in the city (Forsberg did when he was here). I know Recchi and Leclair lived out on the Main Line back in the day. So, really, who knows who exactly was voting there.

However, I do think it's a perfectly understandable desire if you don't live in NJ.
From what has been said many times. Carter, hartnell, okt, pyorala, powe ĖI Believe all live in the city. It has been said Richards does as well however may not be the case. The fact is that most players (the majority) donít. The captain needs to step in and tell the guys that live in the city too bad. It is more of an inconvenience to the other players. Not the select 6 or 7. The fact they went to Holmgren is sad.

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