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01-06-2010, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe View Post
I think the Big 10 has a decent argument of being the deepest conference this year, now that all is pretty much said and done. I think Florida and Alabama would beat any Big 10 team, but beyond that the SEC was mediocre this year. Pac 10 looked impressive in the regular season, but got exposed in bowls (hey, that’s the same criteria the Big 10 has been beaten up with). Big 12 was Texas (who I think could be beaten by Big 10 teams) and no one. ACC and Big East got some wins here and there, but their biggest teams lost bad.

Meanwhile, the Big 10 had seven bowl teams, four 10+ win teams, four bowl wins (all of which I believe they were underdogs in, though Iowa, I’m not sure about) over the Pac 10 champ, ACC champ, SEC #3 and ACC #3. Even the three bowl losses were close games decided at the end -- no blowouts. Also likely will end the year with three teams in the top 10 and a fourth in the top 20.

The only other overall conference performance that is worth discussing, IMO, is the Mountain West, which went 4-1 in bowls, while racking up some impressive non-conference wins during the season. Will end the year with three 10+ win teams, all of which will be ranked. Good year.

I wouldn’t call the Big 10 “back” (one year does not a rebound make) but this year, I think it ultimately proved to be the deepest. Wonder if the national media will notice?
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