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Mid-Season Grades

Ok, we are one game past the halfway mark, and Carps blog reminded me we should all do ourselves a favor and stress out even more about the current state of the team by grading each player.

Here are the current stats, projections and my grades:

Gaborik - A - He’s pretty much carried this team the entire year.
Prospal - A - A great signing after being boughtout last year, well deserved “A”.
Cally - B - Scoring dip, but still on pace for around 20. Brings it every night in all situations
Kotalik - D - Helps the PP when hes playing- and on, but has been dreadful even strength.
MDZ - A - Has a lot to learn on defense, but those are great numbers for a rookie D man. Love the fact that he isnt afraid to mix it up.
Dubinksy - EDIT: B- - Was inconsistent and then injured - Has been much better lately. Must continue to grow in 2nd half.
Anisimov - B - Play is underrated. On pace for 15 and doesnt get a ton of time, take next step in 2nd half.
Drury - D - D- if not for his PK, work ethic and play of late. But not worth a 4 mil contract right now.
Staal - B - Early responsibilites screwed with head, but has been strong. Needs to take a notch higher and he will.
Avery - C- - Work ethic has been good, but not scoring. Has to be Avery again, while staying out of box.
Girardi - C- - On a whole, I think hes regressed. Need more offensively, positionally and emotionally.
Rozsival - C - Not as bad as some think, but he has a lot more to offer, and more consistently.
Higgins - D - Can’t dispute his work ethic and perseverance - but he simply isnt scoring. Dissapointment
Lisin - C- - Has skill, but hasnt put it all together. Has been working hard lately. Is there a next level?
Gilroy - C - Expecting more offensively, but he is a rookie. His defense has been OK. 2nd half is big for him.
Redden - D - Some think he has played better, but its not by much. Hes a shadow of his former self and isnt involved enough.
Boyle - C+ - Has worked hard and has been a valuable PK man. But he has to use his size more.
Christ - Inc. - Struggles with confidence issues. Maybe he’ll hit a stride here on the top line.
P.A. - Inc. - Has played alright when hes gotten the chance, but this isnt the team for him to grow on.
Byers - Inc. - Could be playing in Donald Brashear’s spot IMO
Brashear - F - Seems uniterested other than cashing his paycheck. Shows no leadership or ability to play.
Voros - Inc. - Would rather have him on the 4th line and thats saying a lot about Brashear.
Sangs - Inc. - Needs to continue to build at the AHL level. Got his feet wet and thats good.

Hank - A- - Has become a leader of this team and despite some shaky play early on, the Rangers arent where they are without him.
Vally - D - Was pretty bad but i was surprised he wasnt given more of a chance, especially with the workload Henrik has.
Johnson - Inc. - I like him in camp, thought he was composed and in control. Getting his feet wet is good as long as he keeps the right mindset.

Torts - C - I think he has made some questionable decisions along the way, but is in the long process of trying to build this team into a "Team" and I respect that. He has adapted to play a different game when his system wasnt working with this squad and he is starting to realize he needs to back off on burning out the top players and spread the minutes around. But it should have been done earlier IMO. He needs to take some responsibility at times and get this team to play better on home ice. He hasnt be great and he hasnt been dreadful either. The money time is in the next 3 months.

Sather - C - He made two great signings in Prospal and Gaborik, but his vision with the rest of the team has been disappointing - but some of it lies in the players hands like Higgins whos lack of productivity is a big difference maker in the standings IMO. Credit him for allowing some rookies to develop, but his mistakes of the past continue to kill this team. If Christensen continues to play well that was a good waiver pick up. Defense has been an issue all year and I thought it was a bad job he couldnt get another veteran D-man in here, even after the failed Semenov debacle. Brashear has been a total bust and a waste. Kotalik is signed for another 2 years and has been wildly inconsistent after looking like a good signing for the success of the PP. The fourth line issue is up for debate but i dont think that really matters in the big picture. Lisin/Korpikoski is pretty much a wash IMO. It seems like for every positive there is a negative, so thats how I got to the C grade. We'll see what he does in the upcoming months to determine his yearly grade.

What do you think?

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