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01-06-2010, 03:53 PM
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It's pretty clear that Ranger fans do not watch Oiler games very often if at all.

First off, Patrick O'Sullivan is one of the most useless players in the NHL. He only shows up to 25% of 50/50 battles and he only wins 25% of the 25% he shows up for. This guy is the definition of soft. How someone could be interested in O'Sullivan and not Cogliano is pure craziness.

As for Cogliano, he's had to play with Ethan Rifles for the past two years and Ethan's pathetic play cannot be underestimated. This year he's spend the majority of his time with Moreau and Stortini with basically zero PP time.

How Cogliano has managed to keep a +2 rating for the season playing with junk is pretty amazing.

PP Points/60

Cogliano - 5.04
Hemsky - 4.71
Penner - 4.27
Gagner - 4.24
O'Sullivan - 2.65

The problem is Quinn and his cronies basically refuse to play Cogliano on the PP even though he has the best numbers.

Goals for/goals against on ice per 60

Cogliano - 0.23
Gagner - negative 0.33
O'Sullivan - negative 1.53
Horcoff - negative 1.65

As you see, Cogliano is one of the only Oilers that is managing to keep the puck out of the net. The problem isn't so much that Cogliano is struggling, the problem is Cogliano hasn't been given an opportunity to make an impact, even though he's one of the only players managing to win the goals for against battle.

The only forward who scored more goals than Cogliano last year was Hemsky and the pathetic coaching staff reward Cogs by chaining him to the 4th line with Moreau.

But yeah, if you'd take Patrick O'Pathetic over Cogliano then you're obviously mentally challenged or you've never watched Edmonton play and are just talking out of your *** from looking at some boxcar numbers.

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