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09-23-2003, 04:16 PM
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Fact is, Comrie knew there was a distinct possibility Lowe would prevent him from attending camp without a contract. The offer to show up was pure spin on Winter's part.
Fact is, Brownlee doesn't offer any proof that it was "pure spin on Winter's part" so it was an abomination for him to come out and make such a declarative statement in the media.

One thing's certain, unless Lowe has pulled his qualifying offer and is offering a ham sandwich at the table, it's time for Comrie to take the initiative. Even if Lowe is playing hardball, which we don't know is the case, Comrie should sign a deal and get back on the ice.
Maybe Brownlee has the inside scoop from Lowe on what MC is being offered and he can't print it out of loyalty to Lowe, but if he doesn't then he's talking out of his arse again.

I don't think anybody really expects Mike to sign for $1.1m (less than Laraque and half the plumbers in the league) and if that's what he's being offered I don't blame him for sitting out.

This is really nothing more than irresponsible journalism if you ask me. Not worth the paper it was written on.

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