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01-06-2010, 10:12 PM
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I was watching ESPNews this afternoon. They had Melrose, Barnaby, and Hradek all on talking NHL and the WJC. They mentioned Kovy specifically when talking about trades. They had some interesting takes.

*Talked about DW meeting Grossman at the WJC and offering the last contract there.
*All of them agreed that Kovy needed to be traded and Atlanta couldn't take the chance that Florida took last year and had to get something for their superstar.
*Said that both sides publicly say they want to sign, but that there are a couple of things holding it up. Hradek and Melrose really insinuated that ownership is what is holding the deal up. Kovy does not trust them. It has nothing to do with DW or the team, and that Kovy looks at the group, the end fighting, court cases, and unsure future of the group and that is what is causing him the most hesitation on signing here.
*Said it is probably around 10 million that is being reported. Barnaby made a crack that he might take less, but only if he is sure he'll be on a team that will make the SCF, and not have the losing history of the Thrashers. Melrose and Hradek made some cracks about the owners, but nothing about the franchise and I hated Barnaby a little bit more than I did from his playing days after this.
*Hradek and Melrose both said they only think Toronto or Atlanta could give him the money he really wants and think there is a decent chance he will end up in the KHL, Melrose pointed out that is not the Kenya Hockey League in case anyone was confused but the Russian one. The anchor that was with the three than made the crack, "This just in, Kenya will not be one of the hockey teams at the olympics." Hradek went on to say that the KHL is looking to make a splash and that Kovy would be the size of the splash they are looking for and to not be surprised if they come after him hard. That pretty much ended the segment.

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