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01-06-2010, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
A) This season is far from over so you can't rule out a Stanley Cup.

B) Nothing is certain. Trading for the big guns to win now or waiting on prospects. At least when trading for the guys like Pronger you know what you are getting, and it is isn't because of Pronger that this team is in the position it is in. Trading for a sure thing (and when I say sure thing I don't mean a guaranteed Cup, I mean sure thing in the caliber of player you are getting) IMO is a better option than waiting and hoping on prospects/picks. Now that's different if you are a team like Tampa Bay or Carolina where youth is all you have. In this team's situation, first round picks the next three years (or however many they traded away) aren't going to help them for years to come. Look at JVR, yes he is a good player and will be, but it took him three years to even make it to the NHL. So is it better to wait three years and hope that whoever we got in the next draft turns out to be an NHL star in three years, or get a Hall of Famer on a team who appeared to only need one big presence on the blue line to get the Cup? I know it hasn't turned out like a story book ending thus far, but I'd rather gamble on a Hall of Famer to help win a cup than someone who has never and may never make an impact in the NHL.
Until the Flyers beat a couple of good teams in a row, I can pretty much rule out a Stanley Cup. This team still has some serious issues. Beating the crap out of a bad Toronto team is one thing. Winning 4 out of 7 against Pittsburgh, New Jersey or Buffalo is something else.

What have we got in Pronger? He hasn't played like an elite defenseman. He hasn't been a big physical presence. He hasn't been an especially great leader. I'm not saying he's been bad-he's probably been their best defenseman. But, for the price they paid, he needs to be among the best in the NHL.

The problem is, by adding Pronger, they lost scoring depth-which they are sorely missing right now. They had to go cheap in goal, which may still turn out well-despite Emery being ranked 30th or lower in most statistical categories, I think he has played well.

Is the season over? No. They have a fairly favorable schedule and might be able to right the ship yet. But time is running out. They can't afford to have games like they did against Ottawa any more.

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