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01-07-2010, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by clevelandcrusaders82 View Post
hockeyfan68 had a good point about pros breaking composite sticks. the pro stock sticks they are using are generally made to be lighter and therefore less durable than a retail version.
I'm sure some people in here use the top end $200 stick and have broken those too as well as the pro-stock sticks.

The strength of pro players has some to do with it but not much in my opinion. I think many guys in here break enough of the $200 sticks as well.

I shoot hard enough to break plexiglas with my slapshots and I have been using the same sticks for about a year now and play twice a week. This includes outdoor "practices" or shinny, stick n puck etc shooting slapper after slapper. I also play defense and block shots, skate whack or stick blade whack everything that moves.

The point is I am a big very strong guy and do not break sticks. I am SURE if I used pro-stock or $200 sticks that I would break some.

In any case I DO shoot hard enough to know this. I've splintered some wood sticks though not very often, the main trouble I had with wood as mentioned above was ruining the blades quickly shooting the puck.

I use a good composite stick and I checked out an RBK 10 sickick stick (whatever the hell those are called) a friend had and it felt so much lighter than the already good stick I was using. It was too light in my opinion. It felt like I would not like using it though I did not try it on ice or shoot with it. One really doesn't know until they actually use it.

I would be afraid of liking it because it would be too expensive to buy one for me.

I spent about $145.00 on a two piece setup, I bought two of them and really like them a lot. They are quality but not the crazy light stick you see now for $200.

I like to have at least some weight left to a stick and still be light enough to reap the benefits of being quicker than using the heavy wood sticks. I think the lightness of these $200 sticks is overkill and not necessary but I do not feel the same way about today's light ice skates for $600. I think they are very overpriced but are good for hockey, I wish I could own some honestly.

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