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09-23-2003, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Oilfan
you should never assume...

the line: "players want to play" was in reference to why Comrie came to camp prior to being locked out.

all players are members of the NHLPA and are not going to cross their union brothers. anyone who's worked in a union environment knows that. of course players know the business otherwise they'd be playing in the local beer league but the PA and agents are truly pulling the strings. it's in their best interest for all players to get the highest salary they can.

it's easy to assume Comrie is in the wrong and should be happy to take whatever Lowe is offering. but in reality no one (but Lowe and Winter) knows what has been offered.
Mr. Oilfan, I appreciate the worker solidarity rhetoric in your post but still struggle with a union for millionaires. The notion really seems like an oxymoron and inherent contradiction. A union has a place and time when kids worked in coalmines and uneducated migrant workers are exploited for puny wages and must fight for basic human rights.

However here we are talking about adults playing out their childhood dreams and reaping financial benefits in one year beyond what most of us will realize in a lifetime. The NHL PA can stick together in solidarity but may rue the longterm negative effect if their actions drive away the working stiffs that help foot the bill for their livelihoods.

The fact is Oiler management have dug their heels in and are following to the letter the tenet of the Collective Bargaining which the Union have vetted upon its membership and endorsed. Amazingly enough, when the collective agreement terms doesn't suit a player, agent, or PA, the answer seems that it is okay to hold a team hostage by holding out. Yes, I know in Comrie's case, he has been locked out. But the simple fact remains, he seeks a contract beyond what the Edmonton Oilers are obligated to offer based upon this Collective Agreement. Now that is a cherry Collective Agreement, where union brothers can endorse it but choose not to follow it if they wish.

JoeOil Fan, please do not view this as a slag on you. It is rather my rant in writing to understand this beautiful life and sweetheart deal that these millionaires have working for them. An hundred+ percent salary increase over 10 years isn't enough. Player salaries by recent reports (Globe and Mail) consuming more than 70% of operating costs.

Milk that cow until it goes dry. Then go back to joining us in the hallowed beer leagues across the country playing at night for the love of the game and working for the man by day.

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