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Originally Posted by WheresBarnaby View Post
Richter, but maybe when we get a decent team in front of Hank he'll be right there with him.
Since hank cracked onto the NHL scene the talent on the blueshirt squads were better than decent mixed with alot of veterans to show king Henry the ropes.

THere could of been worse situations to start (throwing him in as an 18 year old) and to make it even better, Hank's head coach built a system condusive to goalies putting up good to great stats. Hank, being a great talent ran with it and never looked back. Why would he? He has a great set of talents or tools, playing for an original six in the greatest USA market and city plus has a org that opens their wallet for hockey talent plus probably one of the best medical training staff in the NHL and last but not least an opportunity to run with the #1 gig. Kevin Weekes was the incumbrent. (not sure if that is even a word but you all know what I mean guess)

In a nutshell, Hank was very fortunate to be put in a great situation to suceed. To his credit he took full advantage of it. The great talents recognize these situations and go

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