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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
This thread kinda sucks to be honest. I mean, I am hopped up on cough syrup right now, but it seems so one sided.

Lupul was a lazy overpaid turd, we are lucky to have dumped him to Anaheim. We got Coburn who still has VALUE for freaking Zhitnik. We turned Downie and Eminger into Carle, which worked out really well. Eminger and Downie both suck. Carle is on our first pair and is doing well. I am sick of the Upshall-Carcillo racket. I'm no fan of Carcillo, but whatever. Upshall is only producing with lots of PP time, time he would never get here.

The Jones call up and Gauthier trades were both awful, but it shows that Homer is true to his word, which is something the players respect. In retrospect, when you look at some of these deals years later some are bound to look awful and some are bound to look good.

You can play this stupid guessing game and re-evaluate things all day, but the fact of the matter is 2nd round picks have next to no value in the NHL. The percentage of 2nd rounders who turn into anything is low.

Why dont you guys look up the names of the people drafted with those picks. No great shakes there I bet.

I mean, we should be proud the Flyers are so good at drafting in the later part of the 1st round of the draft, that's incredible.

Agree on Lupul, but who made him overpaid? Holmgren.

Coburn for Zhitnik was a steal, though Coburn seems to be regressing, not progressing.

Eminger and Downie both suck? Well, Eminger does, and Homer gave up a 1st for him.

Upshall for Carcillo is a wash. Why throw in a 2nd rounder though?

2nd rounders may be worthless, but Brad Richards was taken in the 3rd round and has one more point than the annointed one, Sidney Crosby. (I know it's not that draft year, but Philly almost always trades it's 2nds away) Plekanec is in 11th in scoring and could have been taken in the 2nd (3rd rounder) I could go through the list of players that were or could be taken, but I'm sure you get the point. Not nearly as valuable as 1sts, but hardly worthless, though the Flyers (not just Holmgren) have always treated them this way. Pretty sure every single prospect we have left was taken after the 1st round.

Agree on how well the Flyers draft late in the first round. Isn't this a damn good reason NOT to trade 1sts away? Holmgren has traded 4-1sts and 4-2nds (not to mention numerous 3rds etc) in his short stint as gm. Hows that working out for us?

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