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01-07-2010, 02:25 PM
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we'd take a forward first, but if we end up third i think ewd take fowler, as he looks like he could play d for us right now and we wouldnt have to wait on him two years just to make it to us. we dont develop prospects well overall, especially not d.

overall, i think if we are no 1 its hall. i know we probably love seguin, and teams are built down the middle so it would actually make sense, but i think jr will build around staal and hall has two things going for him. he would be a very nice winger for staal, he can create on his own and staal could clean up his garbage. secondly, he is a pure goal scorer, and we dont have that. at all. ruutu is our closest thing to a "pure" goal scorer and he is lucky to hit 30. i think unfortunately jr thinks sutter is a no 2 center, and seguin would be "redundant" in his eyes. at this point, i think they are pretty close to equal long term, and i definitely believe you build down the middle. yzerman/feds, sakic forsberg, crosby/malkin/staal. even us with francis/brindy/staal at different times. seguin if he is legit may be the smarter choice, but i think hall will complement what we have now better.

hall seems similar to boychuk to me. i dont know if i think he is as good as some of the other recent no 1's. because of this for the moment im ok with even a top 3 pick - though a top two would be sexier.

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