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Originally Posted by The Inebriator View Post
This topic has been discussed over and over on this board that I'm not understanding why a new thread was worthy to just rehash it all over again.

It's simple: Homer has his strengths and weaknesses. He is a great evaluator of talent and has given us a very talented roster. He has 2 primary weaknesses and that's lack of foresight with the salary cap and loyalty to a fault.

Right now Homer is a middle of the road GM and until he improves on his weaknesses that's where he will stay. Fortunately, I don't think you can teach the ability to evaluate talent but managing the cap is something you can learn and improve on.
What about the mismanagement of assets which is teh reason I create dthis threa? I understand it has been talked about, in the original post I even mentioned that. But I wanted to get peoples opinions on how this will begin to effect us. Plus, we have threads ranging from Fire Holmgrem, Richards is Cannon, and one that normally just talks about Vodka and Scotch I do not see an issue with creating this thread.

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