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Originally Posted by pfloyd75 View Post
A wise man once said: You can shoot over the goal but you can't shoot under it, so shoot low.

I play both goalie and forward. My experience is that I give up more goals low (which is odd because I'm a butterfly style goalie who probably relies on the butterfly too much) and I also score more goals low.

Scoring low isn't as pretty and doesn't get the "ooohs and aaahs" of a nice top shelf goal but it looks the same on the scoreboard
Exactly right. As long as the goalie isn't a big guy who's already in full butterfly, shooting low is smart. Why? 1) It's harder for the goalie to make saves with his legs than his arms 2) you have better accuracy shooting low and 3) rebounds/deflections. And think of this, if you shoot high and miss, it usually hits the glass and drops dead for the other teams defenseman.

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