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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I think there's a lot more aberrational down scoring going on with this club than any previous aberrational up scoring.

Hartnell's career post-lockout:

25 in 81
22 in 64 (28 in 82)
24 in 80 (first year here, and that 24 is remarkable if you recall his first half)
30 in 82

That's pretty consistent 25-30 production as opposed to 20-25, and $4.25M (given the fact that he actually hits people, and plays in front of the net) really ain't that much for that. He's also not a dick like someone like Avery.
I fail to see how one year at 25 and one year at 30, and two years below that mean 25-30, rather than 20-25.

In fact, it's an average of 25 per year. Toss in his pace for 18 this year, and it's an average of just under 24 per year.

I agree he brings a lot of good things to the table, and he's a popular guy in the room, but he also makes a ton of dumb mistakes and takes a lot of needless penalties. I'm not looking to trade him, either, but if it were a question of Knuble and Upshall or Hartnell, I'll take the former.

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