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01-07-2010, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Cam A Larry View Post
I'm really, really scared we're going to give another team a future top-5 goaltender in the league. People forget how young he is. I say try him against top-teams.
Couldn't agree more, friend. Let's play Halak against real teams, not creampuffs. If, then, he continues to excel, then I'll be the first one to eat crow. But so far, the little Slovak's done terribly against top-tier teams. His two games against Buffalo are nothing short of horrendous. So yeah, I agree ... let's test him ... really test him. Enough of these creampuff assignments. I'm all for it. Let's put Halak into the shooting galleries, where Ovech and Backstrom and Laich and Green are zig-zagging by him, through him, around him. These kinds of games will be the true tests, not games against teams where guys like Dvorak and Horton are the shooters. Were Halak to come through games against the Caps and Pens and teams like that, and still be as dominant as he is against these creampuff teams, uh, I'd applaud. Sure I would. Until then, though, Halak carries the "untested against real teams" label. Sorry. 38 shots...38888 shots...doesn't matter. Teams like Washington can score 5 goals on 8 shots, they're that good!...whereas creampuff teams will require 38 or more to score once.

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