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01-08-2010, 01:15 AM
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Grachev would have been my #2...but did Stepan really showed himself these past 2 weeks.

Leader of the underdog team USA
Point leader in the ENTIRE prospect tournament (sorry Grachev, you would have not done that).

My man Stepan slightly gets the nod over Grachev who is having a poor first season in the AHL (yea yea, i understand he's 19, but a tad more was expected from him then 4g/2a in the past 23 games or whatever it is now).

Grachev still a TOP, TOP prospect for me...but at this moment, Stepan is proving more, and im just so excited he is Rangers property.

The whole Grachev is playing vs men is very meh to me unless he is producing, which over the past 2 months..he hasnt.

BOTH TOP PROSPECTS, once again...3 and 4 are very hard to differ..but the nod goes to Stepan for me.

And yes, Grachev higher ceiling, which I usally consider pretty high when i vote...but Stepan is just so way he is under a 2nd line center in the NHL..pushing to be a top center.

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