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01-08-2010, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
Oh dont get me wrong, I love Cynic. It's just sad it took them a tour with Dream Theater and Opeth to get recognition They were so ahead of their time, if you find some old school videos on youtube they were touring with Cannibal Corpse... and being boo'ed off stage :/

I'm so drunk right now that this is what I'm listening to -

Oh and since im drunk... Whats your feelings on Metal Gear Solid 4? I just got a Ps3 for christmas and this was the first game i got since I loved MGS1 back when i was... 15 or something in '00.... I'm like 4 hours into it. so whats the man with the name from the game's feelings for it?
I'd say it's an amazing game in every sense. Story, characters, action, difficulty; everything is pretty much the way it should be. Just telling you now, even the ending I find is more emotional than any RPG I've ever played and SO many story twists, it's awesome. Pretty much nothing is left untouched and left unfinished, it's that good.

A Perfect Circle - Orestes.

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