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01-08-2010, 11:03 AM
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Tim P. is on a mission. He is now calling it "dumb" and the officials "blind as bats."

The replay shown in the press box showed the puck clearly over the line as Johnson swipes it back out. Incredibly, the replay officials ruled it “inconclusive,” because you couldn’t clearly see the puck inside the net, just it coming out. Dumb.

“When I shoot, I thought the puck was in but at the same time, he was covering the puck with his pads and his glove,” Gagne said. “I told the referee it’d be better to look at it. Both linesmen and referees said it was pretty much in the net but no, they wanted to make sure it was in or not.

“When they came to the bench … they said it was in the goal. On the bench we were pretty pumped.”

It was a 5-3 game before then and had the goal counted, Gagne would have notched his 500th career point. He didn’t. Officials in Toronto, blind as bats, ruled no goal.

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