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01-08-2010, 11:31 AM
You jelly, Staal?
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Originally Posted by stivwhaler View Post
Hall was basically invisible in the final game against the US (except for his goal but that was more due to poor goalie stick positioning than anything). He was also pretty unspectacular in the earlier game against the US. The only time I was impressed was in the Canadian blowout wins where he was going around the other team like they were pylons. Not saying he isn't an amazing player, but against tougher competition it worries me that he can be shut down like that.
During the first two periods he was trying to do it all when the team around him couldn't manage a cycle for 30 seconds. He started up a lot of rushes nut naturally had a fair bit of turnovers. He played fine considering the poor play around him.

Not to mention he was an important part of the "comeback" as he was on a line with Ebs and Kadri. His strong puck possession and puck retrieval skills allowed that last 10 minutes stampede to continue, although he needs to learn when to shoot and when to deke. With 5 minutes left dangling through the opposition when you have a shooting lane doesn't do anyone any good.

Oh and I keep hearing Hall is a pure goal scorer and I strongly disagree. Sure he's a guy that can likely put up 45 goals but I believe similar to Staal here, his role for Windsor is that of a goalscorer. I mean, Nemisz and Henrique both lack strong finish, and are relatively slow and lack high end hands and vision to make up for it, so Hall is naturally the goal scorer there. He showed off his playmaking ability at the juniors. He's very underrated, and if he has a capable linemates who can get to open ice, he never hesitates to pass. Although near the end he was trying to pot a couple, that's simply a matter of "Well, if they can't do it I guess I have too". Kadri was ripped apart for his awful one timers and shot as he had so many of them, most of them sent to him by Hall.

No doubt he is a goal scorer, but I expect him to me more of a playmaker when playing with Staal, similar to Parise. I wouldn't consider Parise a pure goal scorer but if many of you would then I guess all of this was for nothing an we're on the same page. When I hear the word "pure" I think, OV, Kovie, Vanek, and Heatley who are all shoot first, pass later kind of guys.

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