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01-08-2010, 11:55 AM
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On 1v1s, I was taught to look at the guy's shoulders, not waist. I'm just a beer leaguer, but I've been pretty successful using that idea. I think the main idea is don't just stare at the puck.

Also, I've found that being ready to go down on a knee while keeping your stick flat on the ice and being able to pop back up again right away is very useful for stopping centering passes from the corners and behind the goal line.

Again, I'm a beer leaguer and don't get practice time and all (except for the odd pickup here and there), but I do try to see what the pros do and give it a go on the rink. Mainly I look for the details that make them great. Recently I've been watching how defensemen use escape moves to retrieve dumped in pucks. Next time you watch your favorite team, check out how the defensemen will use their shoulders to fake like they're going to slap the puck one direction but then go the other way when an opposing forward is chasing them down.

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