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Originally Posted by DarrenBanks56 View Post
ok guys- this is my first attempt at making a rink. Like my earlier post said, I have it framed, the liner is in place.
Couple questions. Its gonna be no higher than 20 F here for the next 4 days, is it safe for me to flood this thing without pipes freezing and such??
Also- Will flooding this for a full day run my well dry??
First answer to the first question .... running water doesn't freeze unless it is incredibly cold.

I have been out flooding my rink quite a few times at -10 Fahrenheit with no troubles until you turn the spigot off and the water sits still. I would coil the hose up quickly when it was very cold like that.

My driveway had a natural slope to it for water to run out into the street so I would leave the hose there immediately when done flooding so it could drain. I would then coil the hose up on my shoulder and carry it into the house and out it in the basement.

I would NOT recommend leaving your hose outdoors in the cold because you will lose that battle. It is difficult enough keeping even a good expensive hose in good shape in the cold without springing leaks because it cannot flex like it does when warm.

On the well thingie ..... I have no well and have never had one so i have NO answer for you. You will use many gallons of water on your rink and I suspect that a well wouldn't cut it BUT we shall see if there any rink makers here with a well who can better answer you.

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