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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I don't know, I think it is possible the contracts did problematize signing them because had he re-signed Richards and Carter that summer instead he likely would have locked them into favorable rates. Look at the absolute steal Parise was signed for and he was better than either of them at the time, IMO. It seemed like their deals followed by Richards forced Holmgren to wait to sign Carter when he become restricted and the Flyers ended up with a less than favorable deal for Carter. It's not terrible, but they were forced to pay market value without the benefit of getting to buy out free agent years at a favorable rate.

I also think Richards' deal was completely unnecessary. It's not bad, but it was unnecessary to sign him to a franchise contract when he hadn't even played to a franchise level for a full season. Had he signed him to a bit more modest deal they might not have been up against it as badly.

Contracts like Jones are problematic, but Holmgren hasn't been able to sign anyone to contracts that are favorable under the cap. Everyone is at market value or completely overpaid. There's no one really out performing their contracts that aren't entry level deals.
When Parise signs his next contract, there's a very real chance you're going to absolutely love Richards' deal. And for all that, they got a 46 goal season out of Carter...making his deal per year well below market for that last season.

I think it's dumb to sign these 30+ guys to absurd contracts, but if you can lock in a good player in their early 20s through their early 30s for a good cap's a great deal.

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