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Originally Posted by Jester View Post the story is changing. Fact of the matter is that we're seeing what happens when you're a good team with the Phils as we speak: players want to sign with you. It remains a massive leap to assume that the Flyers would have had the success they did in signing both Timonen and Hartnell (not to mention Briere) without cutting that deal, for what was an OK-value draft pick.

Look, I understand the logic of saying, "I would rather not have given up the pick and taken my chances." That's fine...but at the same time you have to accept that you're taking on a significant dose of risk by allowing them to be negotiating on the open market. It is ALWAYS easier to close the deal when you're the only person on the phone.

I'm sure they had backdoor conversations...but don't fall into the Eklund trap of assuming that those conversations aren't loaded with five garbage trucks of BS. Teams have every reason to BS agents before the clock strikes July 1st, just as agents have every reason to BS teams. What you think you know is just that, what you "think" you know. After that deal what did the agents/players know? The Flyers were offering $X over Y years...that work for you?

Sure...they can say no and go to the open market, but we've seen just as many players have their value diminish on the open market as increase, which they need to factor in.
I'm not saying that good teams don't have an easier time of signing guys than bad teams. There's no doubt about that.

I also don't necesarrily have a big issue in dealing the pick, since somebody else posted about another team being willing to discuss trading for the negotiating rights-Think it was Edmonton-so in that case, yeah, you send the pick over.

As for the "Eklund" stuff, I think a good deal of talking goes on prior to the start of free agency. It takes weeks for guys to hammer out deals when they're restricted or if they're coming up on UFA...and on July 1st guys are signing 19 minutes into the frenzy.

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