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01-08-2010, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Redux91 View Post
get sergei playing with PLEKS FINALY , and youll see him do waaaay better, he gets pleks as a center AND a sniper in cammy and we all know how amazing sergei can pass, this would be the best thing that could happen for him, and for the habs (ill get to it), he just COULDNT play with a player like gomez and whoever else they were putting on that line every game

While Andrei was starting to play amazing, because of this it seemed cammy's goal scoring started to subside as he started to try to get the puck to andrei more

why i think sergei will make this line RLy good is sergei is way more of a passer then andrei (and dagostini for crissake), and i see sergei feeding cammy alot better then andrei could and feeding pleks too for that matter, while andrei is more of a sniper type of player even tho he still can deliver one hell of a pass

but, it sucks for us bigtime, andrei can be our most dynamic player some games, the whole sergei experiment is just hypothetical for now, but i think itll pan out for us bigtime, it just "fits"
I'm so hoping you are right. This could very well be the defining moment in this kids career. Rooting for him 100%.

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