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01-03-2005, 10:45 AM
Sather Hater
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It's one tournament relax. He's not gonna get a shutout every game and make 50 saves. He's gonna have his good days and bad days, that's part of hockey and the goalie position is the most visible on the ice, because when he makes a mistake it goes on the scoreboard. When a forward or defenseman makes a mistake it's no big deal like when Kessel tried carrying the puck up the ice and lost the puck atleast 5 times last night, nobody talks about it the next day, but if he was a goalie and let up some soft goals he would be a bust.

What was important to me was watching Montoya play. I was impressed with his stance and movement in the net. When in the butterfly position he is able to push off and move across the net nicely. He still has a lot to learn but for a 19yr old but he has very good fundamentals.

He is a little to aggresive playing the puck though. He likes to play the puck, but is not the most skilled at handling the puck and as a result gave it away atleast twice that I can think of that almosted resulted in empty net goals. But as he matures and gets stronger he will be able to play the puck smarter and put some more muscle on it when he tries making the long pass. Secondly I noticed when he is down on his back it looks like it took him a second or two more than needed to get back up on his feet and into the play (on wrap arounds too he was out of position on the occasional play). This is stuff that he will get better at and learn though, he is only 19.

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