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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
I wouldn't say that many are criticizing his playmaking as much as they are questioning his desire to do so. I would consider myself in that camp that wonders if that team play aspect is simply a product of youthful immaturity and the pressure of a draft year or if it's a bigger problem. He's a bit of a black hole when it comes to the puck going in and not coming back out. However, from the sheer mechanics of passing and his vision it's obvious that so inclined he has the ability to be a pretty strong distributor.... it's just that he simply hasn't displayed the willingness thus far to be the team player that I would like for him to be.

His Windsor teammates understand that when they give him the puck the best thing to do is get in position for the inevitable rebound or celebration of a goal scored. When you have an elite shot like he does, coaches are probably telling you from midget hockey all the way up to shoot the puck because it's never the wrong play. But eventually Hall will be on a roster, be it our roster or another roster, where he is not the only elite shooter on the ice. How he will adjust to that is going to be a key aspect of his development. There are some guys who want to do it all or they want to do nothing at all. Guys that don't enjoy watching other people carry the puck and don't know how to put themselves in position to help a teammate up the ice. Pavel Brendl was like that. When the puck was on his tape, he didn't *look* lazy. You had to watch him when somebody else was working in the offensive zone to really appreciate how useless he was to the cause unless he had the puck. Playing offense without the puck is just as important if not more so than playing with it. That is going to be the adjustment for Hall.
That's where my criticism of Kadri comes into it though. It's not like Hall wasn't TRYING to pass early on in the tournament. And yes, I well know that passing against Switzerland and Slovakia is far different then passing against the US where you have solid defensemen on you and shutting down lanes in a hurry. But even in those early games Hall was setting up brilliant chance after brilliant chance and Kadri was just fanning on it every time. You hate to say it but there comes a point where Hall says "ok, it's just me and Eberle out there, I have to take this into my own hands" and that's the way he played both US games. There's no question that it's going to be an adjustment for Hall, but it just seems to me that it won't be as big of one as people are thinking when the Canes have a top notch talent in Staal that they can put at center for him. I know nothing is certain there yet and I'm probably getting ahead of myself just saying that.

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