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01-08-2010, 10:02 PM
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Back from first "stick time" - questions

First off, I had a blast and can't wait to go back, just wish i would of started playing much longer ago!

1.First off, I have what I believe to be mild shin splints, i have been skating the last few weeks a couple times a week, some days i had it, some days not. Basically the front right of my shins, the muscle there becomes incredibly tight and burns like hell. It was especially bad today for some reason, it was to the point i would have to stop skating after a couple minutes and lift up my leg to let my shins rest. I have flat feet and have heard this can make matters worse. I researched the subject today and saw some exercises to prevent them. Does anyone have pointers or tips about these? They are quite the nuisance.

(is it possible it has something to do with how i lace my skates? Too tight, too loose?)

2. I bought a CCM octo gun 85 Tavares stick-senior, however I'm wondering if I should of bought the Int stick. I already cut about 2 inches off it, however after playing today i immediatley realized its still 2" too long, so after I cut more off, it will be about 4" shorter then stock form. I'm about 5'7, 155lbs, but pretty strong for my size. My question is, am I cutting too much of this stick off, am I going to be able to flex this stick to its ability for my size?

Not sure what to do with the stick, its brand friggin new, today was the first time it saw ice, I'd hate to think i spent all that money on a stick that wont work for me. However, maybe I just need to practice my shooting technique with it before i jump to conclusion.

What do you guys think? Regarding the stick, and my shins.

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