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01-09-2010, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by MrAlfie View Post
But seriously, America the beautiful.
I love this country, I really do. I love living here and I like the people and everything but the fact that people cry over profane language and female nipples on tv yet at the same time it is okay to show heads being chopped off people being sliced open is perfectly fine is laughable.

I don't curse much if even at all but I don't take offense if people talk that way. I guess some hypocrite complained and the NHL was kind of bored so they came up with this crap.
Are you guys kidding me? The sentiments in this thread are essentially that the NHL should take a page out the book of radial terrorists and all "metrosexuals" should be killed because cursing is not in line with the image the NHL is trying to align itself with?

There's no cursing on this website, yet everyone here is able to find a way to deal with it.

This has NOTHING to do with US culture, or "manly-ness", or any of the other BS coming from the top of soap boxes here. It's about etiquette in the business world and having some degree of professionalism and pride in the product you're putting out.

Chimp, I'd love for you to be on the other end of the phone call from the CEO of Brand Management @ Honda and explain to him how regular uncontrolled explosions of vulgarity are benefitting him and the 3 year commitment he made as the largest corporate sponsor to the NHL. It's as far from the image Honda wants for itself as it is for the NHL.

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