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01-09-2010, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by sbkbghockey View Post
Welcome to Indy, as to the Ice, they're the 2008-09 Clark Cup champions. I believe they're doing pretty good right now this season too.
Hey thx for the welcome, nice to meet another hockey fan in Indy. Do they have a pro team, my g/f seems to think they do, but I suck at google searches.

I noticed tonight, they won the clark cup, we beat the Sioux team tonight but they owned us most of the game but our apparantly back up goalie kept us in the game.

Here is my TR that I posted in my home forum, I really enjoyed the experience.

Well I went to the game tonight and I was impressed. I went to one other JR game this year, the Halifax Mooseheads vs Quebec Remparts (I lived in Halifax and I never got to see my hero in person).

The Mooseheads really suck this year and I think they brought the Remparts down to their level. Prior to that, I probably haven't seen a JR game in 15 years, so this is my compass.

For the first 15 minutes, I was impressed, I thought it was really good hockey, comparable / faster than the Q. Then I looked at the shot stat and it was like 6-1, pretty pathetic.

In the 2nd, I realized that the players were alot smaller than Canadian Jr players, then it made me wonder if the age was lower for the league. Then I surmised that the better 19-20 year old have probably left the league for NCAA.

By the 3rd, I realized the major difference was that they didn't employ any systems. However you could see the raw talent of some of the players was similar to Canadian JR hockey but not using any systems, make it a tier below imo.

Overall its a decent league and I can see why we would draft from there but it is a tier below CHL overall. But I bet it makes finding the stars that much easier from a scouting perspective.

Now, non hockey stuff. It was a blast. There were 2 ticket prices, $15 and $9, however the $9 tickets were half price, I debated getting low seats near the glass but when it came down to it, I couldn't spend 3 times as much when I could get 2 tickets for under $10. When I went for a piss, I was near the goalie end, so I went for a peek to check out the stands and was I ever glad, I didn't buy the $15 tickets, man was there ever a lot of empty seats. (I'd guess attendance 5-600)

So we decided, we'll go take our seats and move elsewhere once the game started. Well the $4 seats were pretty damm good, near the goalie (all the action was in our end) and not high up at all, so we stayed there the whole game).

However it was funny to watch / listen to American cheer for hockey. The arena was the state fair ground (read rodeo) changed to a arena for the winter. Fans brought their cowbells in the masses and airhorns (ugh), I'm glad we have them banned in Canada.

But it was funny listening to them ask for a foul for tripping. But you can't go wrong with the $2 beer. I'll definately go again.

Does anyone know if Indianopolis has a Pro team, I heard rumours that they do. I want to check that out next.

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