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01-09-2010, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by GothamRanger View Post
Agree 100%. Regardless of whether the NHL puts in a rule or not, the fact is people should be able to conduct themselves in a professional setting like a press conference. Rangers fans should be ashamed when they see their head coach cussing like he has no regard for the situation he finds himself. This isn't the locker room or ice where he can say whatever he wants to his players, this is live television and it is assumed you are not going to cuss. Having him not curse in a press conference does not in any way effect how his players perform, and the fact that the NHL has to issue statements for what should be 100% obvious is so silly.

I highly doubt the people who don't mind him cussing would be swearing to the public in a similar situation.

If Torts did it once or twice, that is fine, we all loose our cool once in a while, but right now it's getting a little ridiculous.
Aren't they previously taped?

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