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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I only saw Simila once but didn't like what I saw at all. Not sure what the Habs were thinking with their interest in any of our goalie prospects not named Desjardins. I haven't seen Mayer in Cincy but can't say I saw anything to make me think he's a guy they should have signed, but hope he changes my opinion of him. Simila I figured he has to be better then Mayer but now I'm not sure, either way I don't see why the Habs went with either, I felt the same way about Lacasse (although I really liked what I saw in his few games in Hamilton but he was Melanson's guy from what I heard)

Missiaen I don't know what to make of, but I did think he looked a lot better this year then he did in the couple games I saw him last year. I would rank Missiaen as our 2nd best goalie prospect behind Desjardins.

I do wonder how things will shake out next year, since both Missiaen and Simila can turn pro, with Mayer in the mix and Desjardins as the likely starter for the Dogs.

But when it comes to goalies I can't say I'm overly confident in my opinions of them. It's the only position I never played. I liked Garon, then I didn't after the Citdelles got thumped by Hamilton, then I loved him when he was in Hamilton and as our backup I thought he would be a really solid goalie in the NHL, I hear mixed reviews on his play since we traded him, haven't followed him but am a big fan of him as person much like Yann Danis, as I always heard great things about both off the ice.

I thought Danis was going to be great after his huge senior year in the NCAA and a impressive rookie year in Hamilton, only to think he would never make the NHL after losing his starting job repeatedly to Price/Halak and not looking good at all.

So my opinions on our goalie prospects are all over the place. I never thought Desjardins would be this good, I don't like the way he handles the puck and when he's having trouble with rebounds it can get ugly, but this year he's been so much better. I didn't see much of him in the Q/ECHL but I saw just about every game he's played in Hamilton and while he was very solid last year, I thought it was more to do with the team, since they were 2nd in the AHL overall (Dogs look like they are going to win 100 games between last season and this one, they had 49 last year, on pace for 52 this year I think) but he's really stepped up his game in a big way, so we'll see what the future holds for the other 3. I can't say I have much hope for any of Missiaen/Simila/Mayer but am hoping to be proven wrong again.
I'm not that great with my opinions on goalies either though I said that Steve Mason would end up a great goalie in this league (though this year is probably not the year to remind people of such statement....). I have and still have high hopes for Jake Allen and Peter Delmas.....doesn't look for me, though I'm still pretty certain that Allen will be a significant goalie. Goalies' progression are obvioulsy not on the same curse than all the other players.

As far as our own players, well out of the camps I've seen, Desjardins was the goalie I prefered as far as the prospects we've had lately. I prefered Simila to Missiaen in the last dev. camp. Mayer....well this is where it gets complicated as far as I'm concerned. He was on my ND list in his draft year. I would not have picked him even in the 7th round. Hated him. But I suggested that we should invited him and so we did and frankly, he looked real good. Actually much better than a certain Nicola Riopel. To which, I think, I mentioned that we would be signing Mayer and I wouldn't be surprised....and so we did. But then going back to his junior team, he showed once again why I hated him. I've rarely seen so much inconsistency in a long time. And it doesn't seem how he'll fix that, though like I said, it's a long winding road....

So aside from Desjardins, I don't have a whole lot of hope. But we can certainly be surprised. But both Missiaen and Simila picks were pretty strange and seemed to be based on one thing only....their size. Not sure that it automatically means becoming a great goalie. The fact that they ended up picking Simila with the last pick, I didn't like it 'cause I had other picks in mind (Denny Mattson, Andrej Stastny, Nate Schmidt, Adam Polasek, Andrei Kuchin, Tim Schaller, Dennis Rasmussen....)

But the Missiaen pick for me is more problematic. A 4th rounder on his was not necessary. He would have falled pass that point. Easy to say, I know, but rarely do we see a goalie that far on every list that surprises and be picked that soon. We usually see the contrary where a guy listed fairly high, ends up slipping. And in this 4th and 5th rounds, there were guys at other positions much more interesting especially when you are suppose to go BPA. Like Wright, Grant, Moon, Nyquist, Loktionov...(my god...), Berglund.....Honestly, potentially speaking, they were at that time way above Missiaen.

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