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01-09-2010, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
To be fair, St. Louis didn't start in the NHL until he was role until he was approximately 25-years old - so maybe Locke gets called up this year and turns into St. Louis!

To be fair though, while there are obviously things keeping Corey Locke out of the NHL, he's never really had a chance to show anthing in this league. He's more than 15-points ahead of anyone else in Hartford this year and was the Bulldogs best offensive player for years.

While a lot of people count him out, he's dominated every league he's ever played in, who's to say given a season to adjust, that he couldn't dominate the NHL? Like I said, obviously their are reasons holding him back (skating, defensive effort), but I can't really call someone a bust when they dominant the AHL from the first time they step on the ice and never get a shot in the NHL.
I'd be shocked if Locke could make it in the NHL. If he was faster then perhaps but when your small, slow, bad skater, not good in your own end, and don't always work hard, it's a bad mix. Granted I haven't seen him since he was traded, as I don't recall him from his games against the Dogs this year.

Originally Posted by StephenYoung View Post
Serious? I mean, you probably watch more Hamilton games than me, but in preseason, and the game he was called up he had crazy speed, and I've read a few reports that praise his speed.
I watch at least 90% of every bulldogs game each year, so yea I've seen him a ton. He is not overly fast and if he was I'd be much higher on him, if he only had Gio's speed as he has so much skill. Imo it's the biggest problem he has. It's not that he's slow, as he's clearly not and in fact I would say his speed is decent. In no way whatsoever would i say he would be top 5 on the Habs, I would say he's closer to the bottom 5 now that Lats/Chiper are gone.

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