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01-03-2005, 12:12 PM
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If you have a gym membership, try the elliptical machine pedaling backwards, but try not to hold on to the bars and keep your balance. If you can do this, the make the resistance and the height higher. It definitely helps me, and it's easy on the joints. That's essential for an old timer like myself. LOL

Also, try not to make the same mistake a lot of people make of leaning forward too far when skating backwards.

The five-circle drill is great, although at a public session it's tough to get all that rink space to yourself. One thing I do when I go to a public session is that I dress in my gear, minus the helmet and shoulder pads. This way, I am less inhibited about falling or losing balance. Like you, I had been out of the game for about 10 years. I had also put on a considerable amount of weight in that time. When I started up again last year, I didn't feel nearly as comfortable on skates as I used to.

As I started dropping weight and getting more comfortable on skates again, I started wearing my equipment to public sessions. I would sometimes get some weird looks from people, especially the pimply faced punk who works security on the ice who's the hot-shot skater. Who cares? I'm there for my benefit and not theirs.

Right now, I'm working on stopping with one leg (outside edge). Not easy, but I need to correct a bad habit of relying more on my outside leg (inside edge) when stopping. It's been a lot more helpful doing this with my gear on.

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