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01-09-2010, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
Sum that up pretty good.

You'll also have all the franco's on l'Antichambre praising Brodeur and stating how he is hands down the #1 for the Olympics.

I wanna see him get shelled and pulled by the first period and embarassed at the Bell Center. I would give me left nut for this. I *hate* Martin Brodeur and his fat head.
Oh God, if there's one thing I can't stand is RDS going out of their way to constantly praise the guy. Yes, he's good. Very good. But I really don't need to hear analysts take every chance to say that he's a lock for the Olympics and he's outstanding. I know already.

I don't really hate the guy. I can appreciate him for his goaltending and his ability to continue his dominance through age. Some of the politics that surround him are a little absurd and make you roll your eyes, but I am able to get past them.

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