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My Take on Donald Brashear.

Today was a tough day for me as a fan of the Rangers and hockey fighting in General. Many of you dislike me for the style of hockey I grew up loving or the fact you don't like guys who actually fight in today's NHL. This afternoon I witnessed Donald Brashear drop his gloves and square off in a hockey fight. The Don has done this thousands of times in his hockey career and has one of the greatest winning percentages of all tough guys ever to drop the gloves. What I saw today was a 38 year old gun slinger that is no longer the fastest on the draw. Don not only hasn't been fighting ( There are tons of injury rumors. First was concussion like headaches after the Godard and Orr fights more on this later. Then some pretty banged up ribs after the fight in Florida when he was dropped with a bod shot. )

Donald was willing and able in all three fights but is clear his is no longer the current NHL champ he once was. The problem today was Donald look timid and unwilling to get hit. The key to Don's fights are he is so darn strong it is dangerous to his opponents because he is able to lock their arms out and use his huge reach to punch and do damage . The fact Donald used to be able to turn it on and throw bombs and with power just a few years ago proves that is skills weren't eroding as quickly as it now appears.

Donald has survived many major incidents in the NHL like the Marty Mcsorley stick swinging which luckily didn't end his career. Don has taken on all comers and holds huge wins over every top 10 fighter in the NHL for the last 15 years names like Probert, Domi, Parker, Orr , Godard and tons more. He has always been a well liked Teammate and friend. His hard work turned him from a goon to a usable 3-4 line NHL forward. Brashear was never a favorite of any Rangers fan myself included as has simply pounded almost all of our fighters over the years from Carins , Barnaby Sandra Mcarthy
. When Donald threw the hug hit on Betts last season in the playoff it pretty much sealed the garden's faithful's hate towards him. In the bizarre world of sports the Rangers newly hired coach wanted a tough guy who could play more effective in the limited ice time he planned on playing Colton Orr. The night before he signed in NY I broke the story here on Hockey futures that he was indeed going to signed here and how pleased he was with Torts for reaching out to him. The signing from day one was weird as Brashear handles his own contracts with no agent and has been content with doing single season contracts for the last 4 years in Phillie and Washington. The Rangers signed him to a 2 year deal with his mileage and age was odd but you can't fault the player as he wants to try and secure his family. The fact that their were much younger and less expensive tough guys on the market is to be blamed on the G.M. and coaching staff. Late in his Capitals career Donald took on a great fighter in is own right Wade Belak What happened next would change the way many fighters look at the current Donald Brashear. Wade Belak stood toe to toe with the Don and ended up Tko'ing Brashear with a huge left hand bomb which concussed Brashear and busted up his knee. The 15 year bull of the woods in the NHL had been knocked on his ass. The guy hundreds had tried to ko was indeed knocked out.

The blast to his ego was huge and with athletes their mind and ego is what gets them to perform at the top level it takes to be successful. Brashear is always a guy that loves to fight in pre season often and early in the year to show not to mess with him and send a message. This season a few guys tried to get him to go but he wasn't interested and when he did he looked slow with his punches and uninspired as a fighter. The few times he was hit this season he looked to bail on the fight and take it to the next level. During his 15 year NHL career Donald Brashear would have eaten Scott Thornton for lunch in a fight and that's not a slight to Scott he is a great game fighter and team player. Today Donald looked timid as a fighter he played a solid hockey game as a player for the first time in a long while for the Rangers but today it seems to me the end of a ear took place before our eyes. The days of Donald Brashear NHL super heavyweight Champion are over. The fact the Rangers are bound to him for another season for 1.4million is insane. The Rangers need to target a modern day enforcer in the mold of a Jared Boll or a Zack Stortini who can play a regular shift and stick up for their teams. I was never a fan of Donald Brashear and never wanted him as a NY Ranger but I have been a big admirer of his career and what it takes to do his job but sadly one of the last great hockey policemen has lost his edge and I hope he knows when to quit before a injury forces him to
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