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01-03-2005, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby
It pertains to Lehtonen as far as a potential stud goalie can struggle without losing his titale as one of, if not the best drafted prospect in hockey.

It doesn't mean anything other then that. If you take it any further then your into the 'small players can be stars - look at St. Louis and Fleury' type of argument. Yea they CAN... but how many more didn't make it? Certainly much less a chance then a 6'2 200 pounder with similar skill. - This just means that Lehtonen has struggled, but will be a star. Montoya has struggled - but he hasn't shown what Lehtonen has YET. Not a criticism - Lehtonen is just further along so has been able to show more. Lehtonen struggling doesnt mean Montoya will be a star because he's struggling as well.

At some point though, don't you have to look at the guys actual talent... rather then dragging some other draft picks into it just because they play the same position, and were taken high...well so and so struggled last year, but he's still considered a star because he has a track record... so the same must hold true for our guy...

It's doesn't wash IMO

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