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01-03-2005, 04:11 PM
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probably the 3 triple-overtime games i played in in my career playing goalie in deck hockey. 2 of those were back-to-back when i was 11, there were people who heard about it and drive down to see the game...i never saw such a crowd at the rink. my team lost those 2 games but i remember some of the saves i made..whew.

a year later i was on a team that had won the championship 2 years in a row and most of their good players had moved up, but we ended up winning the championship thanks largely to 3 key players: me(the goalie,obviously), zach(scored most of our goals) and kyle(really good d-man). rest of the team was average or below. it was great because no one expected us to win, and one of the conference final games was triple overtime..i remember the end of the game. the other team's top scorer and one of my friends, he was dangerous on breakaways, came in on me and i knew i had to do something unorthodox. so he's coming in on my right, he dekes to his left and tries to go to the right but i run out a little and the ball goes under my pad, which he then tripped over. next play, we win the faceoff, and one of the younger not-so-good players goes up ice for a breakaway pass and scores. if that kid had scored, we would have been elimininated, but instead we won the next game in a best of 3 and went on to the finals. i had 4 shutouts in those playoffs(2 in the finals), and 4 in the 18-game season. had a 1.6 GAA...still have all the scores from that season. what sucked was that i didnt make the A or B all-star team even though everyone knew i was the best goalie in the league because the guy in charge of the league didnt like me. i think it was because i always knocked his team out of the playoffs. i guess it was a good thing. that summer i started playing ice hockey and still am now.

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