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01-10-2010, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by james bond View Post
I guess before you get too clever with your snide remarks about the level of hockey, dont forget that a couple of USHL teams made the long bus ride to Quebec a couple of years ago, played a couple of Q teams and beat them. I think one of the scores was 8- 0. Maybe you should hire someone to show you the finer points of the game.
Maybe you should hire someone to teach you to read. Lets take a look at what I actually said.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Here is my TR that I posted in my home forum, I really enjoyed the experience.

Well I went to the game tonight and I was impressed. I went to one other JR game this year, the Halifax Mooseheads vs Quebec Remparts (I lived in Halifax and I never got to see my hero in person).

The Mooseheads really suck this year (Here I am cutting down the Q) and I think they brought the Remparts down to their level (cutting down the Q even more). Prior to that, I probably haven't seen a JR game in 15 years, so this is my compass.

For the first 15 minutes, I was impressed, I thought it was really good hockey, comparable / faster than the Q. (I think this is complimenting the USHL) Then I looked at the shot stat and it was like 6-1, pretty pathetic.

In the 2nd, I realized that the players were alot smaller than Canadian Jr players, then it made me wonder if the age was lower for the league. Then I surmised that the better 19-20 year old have probably left the league for NCAA.
This last point is very important and imo is why its one tier below the CHL. I know the Canadiens have drafted like 9 players from the USHL. However, they end up going to NCAA route and when I looked at the age of the players, most were 18 and 19 year olds with the odd 17 yr old and maybe a 20 yr old here and there. In the CHL, we don't have kids leaving for college because college / university hockey in Canada is substandard. So all the 19/20 year olds stay in the CHL because its the best development league for the NHL.

So having more developed 19/20 year olds compared to 18/19 year olds is going to result in players being smaller and not as polished. Heck in the CHL, each team is even allowed an overager on their roster. And being older makes a difference at this level.

But if you actually read my post, you'd realize I wasn't cutting down the USHL. I stated quite emphatically that I enjoyed the experience. I also don't think that highly of the QJHML fwiw.

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