Thread: Injury Report: Emery expects to return Saturday
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01-10-2010, 02:08 PM
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Long time reader- this is my first post. I personally don't think that M. Leighton should be pulled to start Emery in the near future for a few reasons. First, Emery is back some 11 days sooner than he was supposed to be. The Flyers have a tendency to rush players back who then seem to get re-injured almost immediately. In some article Emery was quoted as saying something along the lines that he thought Mcrossin was pushing him too hard but he went with it and now he feels well enough to play (read: still playing through pain). Second, Micheal Leighton is playing the best hockey of his career, and as we have all seen with the Redwings use of Osgood in recent years, a team stacked with forward and defensive talent doesn't need an allstar caliber goalie to win games, just someone who is competent and who wont make bad plays. While I havent watched every second of every game ML has played in, it seems that he is just this- a competent goalie who is winning us games while the rest of the team does its job. While Im not calling for Micheal Leighton to be our fulltime starter, why not ride him til his hotstreak ends, or until he shows the team that he needs a rest? The guy has never been given a shot for a starting job, and with his first shot he's really doing great. I think keeping him in would prevent Emery from rushing back out and reinjuring himself, and while winning the flyers some games in the process.

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