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Originally Posted by RuzickaFan23
I'm unfortunately too young to have seen much of Brian Propp. But I can tell you after seeing Rosie in a good amount of his home games over the past year and a bit, he is a pure sniper.

He's got the quickest and most accurate shot on his team, and one of the best in the league. His coach, Mike Stothers, calls it 'big league'. He's also got soft hands and is incredibly tough to knock off the puck. More often than not though he scores on a shot than a deke, but it's normal to see him deke past the opposition's defenders.

He's also got quite a fiesty side to him, despite the European label some immdeiately put on him.

I'd really like to know what Clarkie thinks of him.

Propper isone of my all time favorites. He came out in the awesome 79 draft, the first year I subscribed to THN, and followed Juniors. I wanted him bad in the draft, but would not believe that he would last until the Flyers pick (14? maybe?). Silly youngster that I was, I sent Keith Allen a letter suggesting he trade up to get Propp and try to get another pick to get Ray Allison and Laurie Boschman ( I wanted the whole line). That is all laughable now, but I was stunned, elated and laughing at the Blue Skirts for picking Doug Sulliman right before the Flyers, leaving Propp for us. Sweet! The really beautiful thing here is Propp was a record setting scoring machine whose scouting report read "tenacious forechecker with a deadly quick release wrist/snap shot and excellent hockey sense. His defense is suspect as his line rarely lets the puck leave the opposition's zone (I'm thinking 'that is the best defense'). His down side, a funky skating stride that may not be fast enough, might be a tad pudgy, is small and may be a bad liver." Obviously, he was stocky, in shape and a workaholic with a great attitude. And oh yeah, his speed and quickness wasjust fine thank you very much.
Sulliman? He was consdered a "solid citizen with a journeyman's future. A little small, but a strong kater and a tireless worker." His scoring was half of Propp's 96 goals and 196 points (I think those are correct). Who would you take?

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