Thread: Injury Report: Emery expects to return Saturday
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01-10-2010, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by fire bettman View Post
Leighton has been great for us lately, Boosh has not. Emery is, for sure, our #1.

I think Leighton falls under that category of goalies who will play very well if the team in front of him is playing well but can be very fragile if the defense breaks down in front of him. Emery is the kind of goalie who, if in "the zone" can steal games for the Flyers. I can remember games that we'd win earlier on in the season and saying "If Emery didn't play so well, we would have definitely lost that one".

But that is why Emery is our #1. And with the way Leighton is playing, how could we not want him as our (incredibly cheap) backup???? I don't understand why everyone is so sure Leighton can't keep up some solid goaltending. He's pretty young and has never quite gotten this chance before, being tossed from team to team. Maybe he's gotten comfortable with this team... I mean look at Tim Thomas and how terrible everyone thought he was until he got a chance.

Emery= #1
Leighton= Backup

Boosh= ??????
Boosh = waivers

Emery is definitely the number 1 (admitted even by Leighton after last night's game), but I really like what I have seen out of Leights and I don't see any reason why his play cannot continue as is or even get better. It may just be that he finally found a goalie coach that he can relate to. is offline   Reply With Quote